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Saturday, March 6, 2010

More tags

I finished two more so I thought I would add them on. Above is another variation of the first one I posted. I think I like it better.

I really like this one. The background is from Vintage Catnip. The link is to the right. Her site is beautiful. She offers great images and you can check out some of the things she makes. She is truly talented. The cherubs with the letters are from Marie's Freebies. She doesn't have the entire alphabet, which is so sad. Luckily she had an M and a heart which I substituted for the O, which she does not have. I changed the lacey background from black to a teal color, printed it on a distressed brown-ish card stock, and wrapped it all in a sheer pink ribbon. I printed the cherub letters on a plain cardstock and modge podged a layer of polyester glitter over them. After they dried I distressed them, put some holes in the corners and strung them with twine. I added a pink bead at the top.

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