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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

flowers for you

It has been awhile since I offered images for you to use in your own projects. I am always so greatful to all the wonderful sites willing to share their images with the public. Here is an image from my own postcard collection circa 1907-1908:
I removed the background and cleaned up the flowers. I also applied a faceted pixelated filter using Photoshop. Here is a collage sheet of the individual flowers:
I included leaves and a stem. Here is a frame I created using a couple of the images:
I also put together this bouquet while I was playing around in photoshop:
I hope you will find a use (or two) for some of these images. Please remember to click on the image first so you can save the original, larger size to your computer. These images are all in PNG format. I would love to see any work using these images. Also, if you notice any quality issues or have suggestions to make the images more usable, please let me know. Comments are always appreciated.

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