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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Theme Thursday is Beauty. I went a little unconventional, I think. With Memorial Day coming up, my mind is on the men and women who have served our country. So to all our Veterans, Thank You! You are my definition of beauty.

The Star Spangled Banner sheet music I picked up some time ago on a public domain site. The Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty images are from Suzee Que. The Arlington and Iwo jima images are my own photos from a trip to DC.


Sandy said...

Oh wow this is stunning.
Amazing collage.
Love it.

Kelly said...

lovely collage!

Lynifyni said...

You stepped outside the box and created a beautiful piece of art! Bravo! LynnF

aurorafedora said...

what a great job! i love this, the colorful title against the vintage background just pops!! great job.
p.s. i found you from the graphics fairy-she ROCKS!